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Extremely relaxing treatment room. Pedicure was fab I will definitely be returning.
- Rebecca W
Really lovely friendly staff will definitely be returning very soon.
- Jess S
Calm and relaxing experience. Good choice of nail colours very happy ready for holiday.
- Glenys A
I really recommend the detox glacial massage with Joanne. I find the hot and cold shells very soothing. Thanks for making all my treatments peaceful.
- Stella H
Brilliant service always would recommend to anyone.
- Jacquie B
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Dual treatments are also available. Please enquire for more information…

Decleor Facials

Decleor’s holistic facials are famous worldwide for their heavenly feel and simply stunning results. Every treatment begins with the unique back diagnostic massage; utterly relaxing for you and a wonderful insight to your therapist into your overall state of health – and therefore your precise needs. The use of expert massage techniques and 100% pure, preservative-free Essential Oils address the demands of every single skin type to leave all complexions balanced, comforted and glowing with health.
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A sensation of extreme effectiveness and well-being prescribed to your individual skin needs. After an expert skin analysis, your therapist will select from one of our targeted active masks with renowned properties that will enhance the beauty of your own skin.
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Award winning vitamin facial to leave your skin visibly radiant. Duration 60mins

This internationally renowned, multi-award winning facial is power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Stress simply melts away thanks to five deeply relaxing massage techniques and the ideal rebalancing aromatic elixir for your complexion. Our deliciously warm and decongesting mask softly cocoons skin, providing the perfect environment for it to flourish. Skin is left deep cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.
Deeply hydrating facial for super-soft skin. Duration 1hr 15mins

Super-hydrating and able to quench even the thirstiest of skins, this deeply moisturising treatment includes a gently effective exfoliation to leave skin smooth, velvety and perfectly prepped for our nourishing AROMESSENCE ™ Neroli Concentrate. A nutrient-rich mask drenches skin with soothing, moisture-loving ingredients for a complexion that’s rehydrated, supple and cashmere soft.
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Intensely balancing and detoxifying for visible clarity. Duration 1hr 15mins

This mattifying facial targets spots, blemishes, open pores and excessive shine. Includes a balancing and deeply oxygenating power mask to bring instant clarity to dull, devitalised skin; a three-stage massage ritual also intensively relaxes and refines uneven texture. Brings previously oily, combination and dull skin back to life leaving it luminous, crystal clear, beautifully matte… and completely flawless.
Deliciously cocooning and nourishing to comfort and restore. Duration 1hr 15min

The end of dry, flaky skin, our ultra-nourishing facial deeply soothes, restores and renews. Chestnut Extract boosts crucial lipid production and micro-circulation while nourishing Geranium and Rose feed skin with vital nutrients. By locking-in moisture, complexions are also strengthened against wind, rain and cold making it ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Even the driest complexions are left supremely supple, comfortable and satin smooth.
Desensitises and reinforces stressed, fragile and reactive skins. Duration 1hr 15mins

This intensely soothing treatment instantly relieves irritated complexions. Acting like a calming comfort blanket, Blueberry Extract soothes angry, sore skin; a cooling Algae plasticizing mask peels away to reveal a calmer, smoother surface. Redresses all types of sensitivity whether due to stress, poor diet, illness, medication or simply general fatigue. Skin becomes clear, soothed and more resilient to environmental aggressions.
Vitamin C-packed facial for sheer brilliance. Duration 1hr 15mins

Exclusive and advanced Vitamin C technology is applied twice during this brightening facial to help restore luminosity, lighten pigmentation marks and turbo-charge cell regeneration. A potent radiance revealing mask targets all causes of uneven skin tone including pregnancy, menopause and sun damage, correcting and regulating for a positive difference. Skin reclaims its natural fresh-faced finish… perfection for any special occasion.
The effective rescue remedy for perfectly radiant skin. Duration 30mins

Discover what makes Decléor facials world famous with this divine ‘taster’. When you’re short of time but want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy. For rapid results, your expert therapist uses a combination of massage, Essential Oils and a gentle polish to smooth and revitalise tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant instead.
A power booster facial to awaken skin and senses. Duration 30mins

For instant refined and flawless skin, this power packed facial awakens even the most tired of complexions in the shortest of times. Exquisite massage techniques revitalise the mind and body whilst the powerful infusion of Essential Oils in the Hydrogel mask leave the skin with an airbrushed luminosity and as fresh as the morning dew.
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Three technologically advanced facials to fight every concern, each with precise and blissful rituals. Based on 40 years of skincare expertise and utilising the latest technological breakthroughs in anti-ageing care, they bring a new lease of life to maturing complexions, offering dramatic improvement in skin tone and clarity.
Youth-boosting anti-wrinkle treatment. 75mins

This is the secret to youthful skin! Using powerful youth-boosting botanicals, this pampering facial intensively targets the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The mineral-loaded mask lifts, plumps and firms while gentle exfoliation refines skin texture. Bringing dramatic and immediate results, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed ensuring skin looks luminous.
Ultimately effective anti-ageing facial leaving the skin plumper & firmer. Duration 75mins

This facial includes our ultimately effective ‘lifting’ massage to recharge skin tissues. Highly efficient formulas then infuse the skin with naturally energising ingredients to help kick-start its natural renewal process; an indulgent and collagen-rich mask ensures skin feels plumped and tightened too. The result? A flawless, youthful new radiance.
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A Pilates session for the skin to help visibly lift, remodel and re-densify. Duration 75mins

Facial Pilates has been created to deliver a natural lift to the face, helping reshape the contours of the facial with a re-cushioning effect. The facial includes a back massage to help you completely unwind & release the mind. After a deep cleansing & three facial massages, your therapist will help lift your skin with a massage using our outstanding Energy Youth Concentrate Mask. This will plump and smooth the appearance of lines & wrinkles, whilst softening & increasing the tone, leaving the skin glowing with rosy youthfulness.
Anti-ageing and visibly plumping for a smoother eye zone. Duration 45mins

Delicately nurturing the most sensitive and delicate part of the face, this specialised treatment is fatigue-fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle smoothing. Decleor’s unique toning eye technique stimulates micro-circulation, anti-ageing eye mask also decongests and de-puffs. Leaves even contact lens wearers, hay fever sufferers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.

All Decleor facial treatments are paraben free and vegetarian.

A nut free version is also available if allergic.

Decleor Body Treatments

Heavenly full body Aromatherapy treatments. Duration 30, 60 or 90mins

Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with our heavenly Aromatherapy Massage to either relax, refine, tone or stimulate. The incredibly soothing sensation of the Warm Aromatherapy Balms, expertly blended from an exquisite elixir of natural Essential Oils, melt away tension and ease stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.
Banishes tight muscles with deeply therapeutic massage techniques. Duration 30 or 60mins

Powerful, deep and strongly rhythmic movements make this customised massage pure therapy for body and soul. Created to alleviate stress deep down and release the discomfort of aching muscles (whether through fatigue or stress), 100% natural, Decleor Essential Oil Balms actively work with your body to release localised areas of intense tension. Leaves your mind feeling less cluttered and muscles intensely relaxed.
Duration 60mins or 90mins

Working on the body’s 3 vital energy flows (cell, muscle and peace of mind), DECLEOR offers the ultimate in a Face & Body Treatment.

Featuring a unique combination of Essentials Oils and plant oils blended to meet the client’s needs, ORESSENCE ENERGY³ includes the award winning salon mask power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, and the heavenly Aromatherapy full body massage using an incredibly effective elixir of plant oils rich in Omega 6 & 9 and Vitamin E, expertly mixed with three 100% pure & active precious blends of Essential Oils.

The most blissful way to soothe the body and mind, you will feel revitalised and the energy levels rebalanced. Skin is left deeply cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with youthfulness and vitality. 
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Divine heated stones relax away muscle tension and strains. Duration 60mins

The most blissful way to soothe body and mind, stress doesn’t stand a chance against this divine warm stone massage. Your personalised sensorial journey relies on the therapist’s intuitive touch in harmony with smooth, heat-releasing stones. Individually shaped, these magical stones help release tension, soothe aches and rebalance energy levels; the use of luxuriously melting Aromatic Balms ensure skin emerges soft as silk too.
Massage and exfoliation combined in an exotic body treatment. Duration 60mins

Inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powdered Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot plus Essential Oils and Spices are used to polish and perfect skin leaving it in supreme condition. A delightfully relaxing massage with warm aromatherapy oils then allows your therapist to focus on any areas of tension and stress, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin that’s beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over.
Tailor-made cocooning full body envelopments.

Each envelopment comprises three key elements - exfoliation, body mask then scalp and back massage. Offering total pleasure and comfort, use of a heated blanket maximises penetration of the active ingredients for top-to-toe benefits. Expertly tailored to your specific needs.
Tightening, sculpting and smoothing. Duration 60mins

This collagen-boosting body wrap tones slackened skin, repairs sun damage and helps improve the look of stretch marks. Potent radiance enhancers Immortelle, Lemon and Frankincense Essential Oils work to erase the appearance of imperfections and strengthen skin whilst also combatting wrinkles. Deliciously nourishing, this sculpting envelopment hydrates and moisturises too, improving hydration levels for radiant, firm and soft skin all over.
Energising and revitalising to improve circulation. Duration 60mins

Aches, pains and tiredness melt away with this super-stimulating treatment. The antidote to poor circulation, the refreshing full body wrap eases aching muscles and fights fatigue. Ideally suited to those who enjoy sport and or an active lifestyle, this warming zesty treatment also ensures cold hands and feet become a thing of the past. Revitalising Essential Oils of Lemon, Pepper and Cypress for total comfort all over.
Intensely calming and nourishing for super soft skin. Duration 60mins

Banish stress with this cocooning and warming relaxation wrap. Developed to improve wellbeing by relieving stress and unloading busy minds, indulgent self-heating ingredients actively help reduce tension and stress. The perfect treatment for anyone with a hectic, demanding lifestyle who finds it hard to switch off, this sublimely relaxing envelopment includes deliciously soothing Vanilla as well as brightening Papaya Extract to leave skin satin smooth.
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Shorter on time but not on visible results, four targeted treatments tackle specific problem areas. One treatment is often all you’ll need.
Decongests and brightens for a beautiful back. Duration 30 mins.

A facial for your back! Following our unique back diagnostic massage to relax and release blocked energy, a skin-brightening exfoliation re-oxygenates skin while targeting spots, blackheads and general congestion. Essential Oils and Plant Extracts help rebalance and control oil and moisture levels .Essential pre-wedding and holidays, it transforms skin to super-smooth and velvety to touch.
Restoring and renewing for supple, younger looking hands. Duration 30m mins.

Indulgently rich moisturising products combine with skin smoothers and soothers to nurture hard-working hands. The perfect remedy for dry and damaged skin, this conditioning treatment works to nourish and restore split cuticles and hang nails plus strengthen weak, brittle nails. Includes a delicious hand and arm massage to leave you feeling ultra relaxed and pampered. Superbly restorative after nail extensions.
Intensively relaxes to ease tension and aid sleep. Duration 30 mins.

Deeply relaxing, this blissful scalp treatment incorporates a pressure point massage to banish tension and encourage a good night’s sleep. With stimulating and purifying Eucalyptus, Pepper and Rosemary - plus calming Lavender Essential Oils - it gives immediate results. With the option of including an exfoliation to target flakiness and styling product build up it also purifies the scalp and conditions hair. Simply serene.
Restoring and renewing for supple, younger looking hands. Duration 30m mins.

Tired, sore feet are lovingly conditioned and nourished in this luxuriously comforting treatment. Focused on restoring dry, cracked heels to smooth and silky, purifying and hydrating ingredients target any rough areas, including callouses. Aching feet and calves are also soothed thanks to a divine leg and foot massage. Skin is left polished, velvety and beautifully supple making it the ideal pre-holiday or post-party ritual.
Safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks. Duration 1hr 15mins

Pregnancy can take its toll on your body so relax and let a highly trained therapist safely and gently treat you to a truly nurturing experience. This blissful face and body treatment includes a comforting tummy mask that actively helps reduce the risk of stretch marks plus draining massage to reduce water retention thus lightening ‘heavy’ legs. A skin-brightening facial ensures you look as glowing as you feel.
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Luxurious and pampering to regain balance after baby arrives. Duration 1hr 15 mins.

Our new post-natal treatment takes care of you top-to-toe. Deeply relaxing, this face and body treat utilises Decleor’s most sumptuous, replenishing products to help ease backache, improve fluid retention and combat fatigue. A divine draining massage soothes tired legs and an over-tired body and mind, while an illuminating facial improves skin tone and elasticity, helping new mums re-energise to feel like themselves again. Leaves skin as soft as your newborn’s.

Manicures & Pedicures

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Type of Manicure Length of Manicure Price of Manicure
Shape & Polish 20 mins £20
Classic 30 mins £30
Avoplex Spa 45 mins £45
Paraffin Wax 60 mins £60
Gel Polish 30 mins £30
Soak Off (gel or acrylic) - from £10
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Type of Pedicure Length of Pedicure Price of Pedicure
Shape & Polish - from £20
Classic 30 mins £30
Avoplex Spa 45 mins £45
Paraffin Wax 60 mins £60
Gel Polish 30 mins £30
Callus Peel 30 mins £30
Soak Off (gel or acrylic) - from £10

* Please bring flip flops as we cannot be responsible for smudging or chipping once you have left the salon (doesn't apply when having OPI Gel polish)

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning (Paraben free solution)
20 mins £20
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Light Tan

Stacks Image 536290

Medium Tan

Stacks Image 536296

Rapid Tan

Stacks Image 536294

After Dark

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Dark Tan


Type of Massage Length of Massage Price of Massage
A relaxing massage to increase blood and lymphatic flow, which promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation and can improve muscle tone and skin texture. Ask your therapist to concentrate on specific areas of concern. The pressure of the massage can be adjusted to suit your needs.
25 mins £25
Swedish 55 mins £55
A gentle massage using aromatherapy oils to enhance the mood and relax your body. Let our experienced therapists help you select a blend of essential oils to suit your specific needs.
25 mins £25
Aromatherapy 55 mins £55
Hot Stone
Melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. It promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth water heated volcanic stones at key points on the body. Our therapists also incorporate a customised massage, with the use of hot stones which offerers enhanced benefits.
The premise behind this therapy is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to their deeper muscle layers. They expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body increasing flexibility in joints, they have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.
25 mins £25
Hot Stone 55 mins £55
Thai Herb Compress
A rebalancing massage using heated herbal poultices, which are applied to the body to relax the muscles, release tension and nourish the skin. Gently warmed oils are drizzled over the body to enhance this treatment. The steamed compresses are tapped, pressed and used to complement various massage techniques create a nurturing and flowing journey into wellbeing. When the compress is heated it provides skin conditioning benefits as coconut is is a source of anti oxidants plus an excellent moisturiser. Coconut is integral to Thailand and renowned for its main properties of conditioning the skin and hair. Poultices have been used traditionally since the 14th century.
55 mins £55
Foot & Leg 25 mins £25 with stones £30
When lit the massage candle melts into a warm sumptuous massage oil. This warm oil of natural butters is then drizzled over the skin for a wonderful massage treatment to melt away tension and delicately nourish the skin.
The candles are available in a range of fragrances to purchase too as a gift for someone or for you to use at home.
25 mins £25
Candle 55 mins £55
Indian Head Massage
Ideal for any neck, back or shoulder tension. Includes a neck and shoulder massage followed by a reviving scalp massage to improve circulation and to relax you. Finishing with a soothing head massage using pressure points and drainage techniques to help ease headaches and sinus problems.
25 mins £25

Lava & Glacial Shells Massage

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Lava Shells Length of Massage Price of Massage
Hot Reflexology 45 mins £45
Back 25 mins £35
Back & Leg 30 mins £40
Relax Body
The indulgent and truly pampering Lava Shells Relax Body Massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques, creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress. This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away all tension, knots and stress. Choose a 90 minute treatment for an unforgettable sublime experience.
Good for: Alleviating stress, aches and pains, over-active mind, headaches, poor circulation, overall full body indulgence.
55 mins £65
Detox Massage (Glacial Shells)
The ultimate development in ice therapy (cryotherapy) that targets two problem areas: the stomach and legs. Tackling abdominal congestion in both the small and large intestine and stimulating the lymphatic system to encourage the body’s own natural purification, this invigorating treatment eliminates toxins, fluid retention and improves the functioning of the digestive system. The therapeutic contrast of hot Lava Shells and cold Glacial Shells promotes wellness and balance whilst leaving you feeling refreshed and uplifted. Perfect if you suffer from bloating, digestive problems, water retention or circulation problems and an ideal aid to any weight loss programme.
Good for: Poor circulation, fluid retention, digestive problems and weight loss.
45 mins £55

Holistic Therapies

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Stacks Image 570607
Type of Therapy Length of Therapy Price of Therapy
An ancient treatment working on the pressure points of the feet. Reflexology can help to energise, relax and restore the body's balance. An initial consultation with our reflexologist will provide them with information about your lifestyle, general health and medical history.
45 mins £45
Hot Stone Reflexology
This is a relaxing foot and lower leg treatment like no other reflexology treatment. The use of hot stones increases the reflexology process by improving blood flow, which in turn speeds up the response. Hot stones are placed on the front of the body to warm while the lower leg and foot is massaged, working with your reflexology points to stimulate and balance the body's natural ability to heal itself.
45 mins £50
A Japanese healing treatment that will help to still the mind, calm the emotions, heal the body and awaken the spirit, bringing inner peace, profound relaxation and healing on all levels. We all need recharging at some point in our lives- reiki gives you the means to recharge your own battery, renew your energy and totally unwind.
25 mins £25
Reiki 55 mins £55
Hopi Ear Candles
We use original biosun Hopi ear candles which are a wonderful and relaxing therapy that helps many ear, nose and throat, sinus and head conditions, such as vertigo, tinnitus, glue ear, itchy ears and to prevent recurring ear infections. They help to clear the sinuses and blocked pressure in the eustacian tubes and are recommended as a regular treatment for individuals who fly regularly or take part in deep sea diving. 
25 mins £30
Aqua Detox Foot Spa 25 mins £25

Teenage Treatments 13+

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Stacks Image 536443
Type of Treatment Length of Treatment Price of Treatment
Express Facial 25 mins £20
Opi Deluxe Manicure 25 mins £15
Funky Nails Mini Manicure 15 mins £10
Perfect Pamper Pedicure 25 mins £20
Wax Attack Underarm 15 mins £7
Wax Attack Half Leg 20 mins £14
Eyebrow Blitz 15 mins £6
Suntana Spray Tan 20 mins £15
Pamper Party - from £10 per person

Eye Treatments

Stacks Image 536450
Type of Treatment Length of Treatment Price of Treatment
Eyebrow Shape (plucking) 15 mins £10
Eyebrow Tint* 10 mins £7
Eyelash Tint* 15 mins £15.50
Eyelash Lift Perm* 45 mins £25
Whether it’s for a party, a wedding, a night out or just a natural look.
Stacks Image 536460

*Sensitivity test required 24 hours before treatment.

Ear Piercing

Stacks Image 536462
Ear Piercing
£20 includes your choice of earrings and cleaning lotion

Pamper Packages

Pamper Packages
Perfect as a gift voucher, for party preparations or for a taste of something different, these treatments are a great way to take some time to escape.
Stacks Image 536464
Mother to be
Take the weight off with a soothing leg & foot massage followed by a revitalising Indian Head Massage.

55 mins £50
Stacks Image 536466
Mother & Daughter
Spend quality time together enjoying an OPI gel manicure served with tea and cakes.

55 mins £70
Stacks Image 537598
Prepare to bare with an OPI manicure, followed by an OPI gel pedicure, and half leg and bikini wax, then finish off with an eyelash tint and eyebrow wax.

110 mins £80
Stacks Image 536468
Party Time
Look good on the dance floor with an OPI gel manicure and an OPI pedicure followed by a Suntana Spray Tan

105 mins £80
Stacks Image 536827
Bride to be
Look and feel your best with a Suntana Spray Tan, an OPI gel manicure, a Decleor facial and clustered flare lashes.

85 mins £100
Stacks Image 537008
Ultimate relaxation
Melt away on our heated couch starting with a reflexology session, followed by a soothing Lava Shell back massage finishing with a bespoke Decleor facial.

135 mins £110


Waxing using Phd safe wax system

Stacks Image 637899
Stacks Image 637901
Type of Wax Length of Wax Price of Wax
Full Legs 45 mins £24
Half Legs 30 mins £18
Underarm 15 mins £10
Bikini 20 mins £10
Eyebrows 15 mins £8
Lip or Chin 15 mins £6
Half Arms 30 mins £15

Treatment times & prices may vary per client


Don’t even think about booking an appointment unless you’ve gone 1-2 weeks without shaving or waxing and have at least 1/4 inch of hair. Patience is a virtue, waxing will be painful and not as effective if you haven’t waited long enough!

Mens Treatments

Stacks Image 632574
Chest or Back Wax 30 mins £21
Manicure 20 mins £20
Luxury Manicure 30 mins £30
Pedicure 30 mins £30
Luxury Pedicure 45 mins £45
Lava Shell Recovery Deep Heat & Ice Massage 25 mins £40
Lava Shell Recovery Deep Heat Relaxation Massage 55 mins £55
Eyebrow Wax 15 mins £6
Four no-nonsense, highly effective treatments for men.
Kick-starts tired skin and minimises irritations. Duration 60mins

Over-worked and skin showing the strain? This fatigue-fighting, anti-ageing treatment also targets and treats shaving bumps and irritation. An invigorating and hydrating pure energy mask made from Oak and Green Clay decongests deep down to re-energise skin. Combined with stress releasing massage techniques and AROMESSENCE™ HOMME Super serum with active Clove Oil, skin is left relaxed, smooth and healthy looking.
Time saving and face saving. Duration 30mins

The high-speed solution to re-energise skin, this half hour anti-ageing treatment can be slotted into the busiest diary. Developed to re-charge and revive skin instantly, it includes thorough exfoliation and revitalising massage to give tired skin a lease of new life. Leaves every skin type clear and fresh thanks to highly potent Clove Oil. Every busy man’s key to better looking skin.
Blitzes tension and re-charges the mind. Duration 60mins

Combat long work hours and muscles tired from sport in this deeply re-charging treatment. Begins with an intense, therapeutic massage to de-stress tense neck and shoulders, and concludes with an all over deep tissue massage concentrating on tight or aching muscles. Extremely relaxing, 100% active Essential Oils of Pepper and Cypress are specially chosen for the needs of men’s skin, working to restore energy levels and wellbeing, leaving your mind clear.
The ultimate stress-buster. Duration 30mins

Feeling the pressure? Whether you’ve been overdoing it at work or the gym, this highly targeted treatment focuses solely on releasing tension in the back and shoulders. Intensely de-stressing, your therapist customises the level of pressure in a powerful deep tissue massage to break down and disperse all aches and pains caused by tight muscles. Pure Pepper and Cypress Essential Oils aid the potency of the tension busting massage, whilst actively revitalising mind and body… just watch stress levels return to normal.